Camp Simcha
Chai Lifeline
Glen Spey, New York
+/- 120 Acres
Master Planning
Master Plan Completed 2021
Camp Simcha, a project of Chai Lifeline International, is located on approximately 125 acres of land in the Catskill Mountains in Glen Spey, NY. The site includes mature wooded forests and is accented with a pond bordering the campus edge. The existing camp currently accommodates children and teens with cancer and other blood disorders. Its mission is to provide a childhood respite from their daily endeavors in a healthful and entertaining environment.
Currently, in the design process, Phase two is to develop a Master Plan to expand the campus facilities to include a “Teen and Young Adult” component which will allow the camp to offer sessions to those between ages 12 to 21. The goal is to provide programs to prepare these campers to subsist on their own and potentially enter into employment and careers. 
The Proposed Master Plan Includes:
• Camper “Bunk” Houses
• Dining Hall
• Activity Buildings
•Satellite Infirmary
• Staff Housing
• Outdoor Recreation Amenities
• Passive Recreation Spaces
• Accessible Swimming Pool
• Pedestrian and Vehicular Circulation Interconnect to the Existing Campus Core Facilities​​​​

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