Saratoga Springs, New York
< 1 Acre
Landscape Architecture | Civil Engineering | PermittingĀ 
Completed 2021
The Cherry Street and Marvin Alley Condominiums are located on the west side of Saratoga Springs. Two urban parcels were combined to provide space for one 3-unit townhouse building and two 2-unit buildings. The buildings are three stories tall with rooftop terraces that provide magnificent views to Downtown Saratoga Springs and mountains beyond. The buildings reflect a row house style allowing for garage access from an interior courtyard while maintaining a formal front entrance along Cherry Street and Marvin Alley.

Landscaped stormwater management practices are centrally located on the interior of the site to treat and infiltrate runoff as well as provided an aesthetically pleasing amenity for the residents to enjoy.
Hardscape patios include seating areas surrounded by indigenousĀ vegetation. Site amenities throughout the site include pedestrian walks, landscaping, a public sidewalk along Cherry Street, perimeter fencing, and City of Saratoga Springs standard streetlights. Guest parking is accommodated within the interior of the site.

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