NYRA - Saratoga racecourse 
Saratoga Springs, New York
162 +/- Acres
Landscape Architecture
NYRA - VARIOUS FACILITY PLANTING PLANS: To preserve and maintain the historic facility and landscape, NYRA requested Studio A to provide various planting plans throughout the race course property. These planting plans are intended to upgrade the landscape, keep within the historic character and respond to continuous facility improvements. Planting plans included Gate 1, Gate 10, Gate 19, a “typical” horse ramp, and the newly constructed “Faith’s House” child care center.
SARATOGA RACE COURSE LANDSCAPE MASTER PLAN '22: One characteristic of the historic landscape is the prominence of many large shade trees throughout the campus, many of which were planted in the early 20th century. As part of the overall maintenance plan for the facility, every few years NYRA conducts an evaluation of the conditions of all trees on the property. Studio A was tasked with the preparation of this evaluation for the facility. The evaluation included mapping every tree on the property and noting its condition. Existing mapping was updated to reflect trees that had been removed and those that were recently planted. Following the mapping exercises, a new trees master plan was prepared, outlining trees to be planted, and ones to be removed due to their condition.
Studio A was tasked with providing an evaluation and report on the following:
Describe the extent, reasoning, and methodology for improvements to the Oklahoma Training Course;
Assess the impact of said improvements on the historic character and visual identity of the grounds, specifically relating to the row of trees that make up the Alameda on the course backstretch;
Identify the location and assess the health of trees impacted by such improvements; and
Recommend remediation measures to mitigate impacts on the visual character of the course and preserve its historic character.

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